Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekly Recep: June 21-27

This week didn't exactly turn out how I planned running wise. I ended up subbing a couple spinning classes on Monday & Tuesday morning so I didn't get a chance to run or lift. Todd & I went to Washington D.C. super early Friday morning so the weekend was spent there. I also had a reoccurring back issue towards the end of the week that limited my amount of working out. I had a severe lumbar strain about a year and a half ago where I couldn't even walk for 2 days; I was literally crawling around my apartment and had to take off work. Anyways, it occasionally flares up, although not as bad as the first time, but still hurts.

Monday: taught 45 min spinning

Tuesday: taught 45 min spinning

Wednesday: 30 min elliptical; lifted total body

Thursday: 5 mi (8:16 pace)

Friday: REST (driving to D.C.)

Saturday: 4 mi w/ Todd in Rock Creek Park (VERY hilly, 8:38 pace)

Sunday: 1 mi walk on treadmill, 30 min elliptical; core & push ups (@ hotel in D.C.)

TOTAL: 9 mi

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