Thursday, July 1, 2010

Michael Buble Concert

Hands down, the Michael Buble concert I went to last night was the best concert I've ever been to. My parents got me tickets for my birthday so my mom & I went to Nationwide Arena last night to see him perform.

The opening band, Naturally 7, was also phenomenal. They're an acapella group consisting of 7 guys but what makes them great is that they use "vocal play." What this means is that there is no band playing instruments, but they manipulate their voice or make different sounds to sound like a bass, acoustic guitar, cymbals, snare, and even a turn table. It was incredible especially because when they first came out on stage, you assumed a band was playing in the background but it was just their voices. You have to check them out on iTunes.
Naturally 7

Check out the guy in the middle raised up on the platform "playing" the drums....he's using voice play to sound like drums

Michael Buble came out shortly after Naturally 7 finished performing and it was awesome! I should mention that my mom did a great job of buying the tickets because we had great seats. We were in the lower section and had a really good (and close) view of the stage. This was my first concert in an arena as opposed to an outdoor venue or even a small music hall and it definitely didn't disappoint. He not only sang but he also entertained the crowd. After every couple songs, he would stop and talk to the crowd and he was actually really funny. I think I was happy because I knew almost every song he sang, I love concerts like that.

Singing with his band behind him
Singing a slow song

At one point, he got off stage and walked through a crowd of people (with body guards of course) to another small stage in the back all while singing a song. He really does know how to work the crowd too! People were loving him, myself included.

Trying to sing & walk through the crowds back to the stage

And after what seemed like the longest 3.5 day work week, I'll be heading to my family's cottage in Laporte, Pennsylvania this afternoon with my Dad and Todd. I'm super excited to see my brother and other family as well as spend a few days at the lake, hiking, and canoeing. Unfortunately, there's also no internet so I won't be back blogging until Tuesday. Happy (early) 4th of July!

Our cottage, Wake Robin

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Anonymous said...

so i haven't really listened to much michael buble but i LOVE his new song. have a great 4th! :)