Monday, July 5, 2010

Weekly Recap: June 28-July 4

I ran 4 days this week & felt great! I was in Laporte, Pa for the second half of the week and despite the heat and very hilly terrain, I was happy with my runs. I'm just trying to slowly up my mileage and increase speed as I'm running another 5K at the end of the month and would like to run under 7:00 min/mi pace.

Monday: 5 mi (8:05 pace); lifted total body

Tuesday: 20 min elliptical, 45 min spinning; core

Wednesday: 6 mi (1 mi warm up, 4 x 0.5 mi w/ 0.5 mi easy in b/w, 1 mi cool down; 7:51 pace); lifted total body

Thursday: REST (left for Laporte, PA @ lunch time)

Friday: 4 mi w/ Todd in Laporte, PA (9:00 pace)
Hiked 5 mi @ Ricketts Glen

Saturday: 5 mi in Laporta, PA (8:28 pace)
Walked 2 mi around Eagles Mere Lake

Sunday: Circuit w/ Todd in Laporte, PA (jump rope, lunges, push ups, dips, suicides, etc.)

TOTAL: 20 mi

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Anonymous said...

great week. you totally are bouncing back so strong but that leg injury!