Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Part 1: Long Weekend at the Cottage

Last Thursday afternoon, my Dad & I left for Laporte, Pennsylvania to stay at our family’s cottage. As we drove through Youngstown, Ohio, we picked up Todd since he had been at home for a few days. The majority of my Dad’s family was already up at the cottage for the 100th anniversary. My Great-Grandfather built “Wake Robin” as a summer vacation home in 1910 and growing up, both my Grandma and Dad came up every summer. Although we missed the 100th anniversary celebration of the cottage the weekend before, I was still excited to come up and bring Todd for the first time. My brother, Jeff, flew in from California and had already been there for a week.

Our cottage, Wake Robin

The fireplace inside with all the fungus on the mantle (a tradition in Laporte is to find a fungus and carve memories from the trip on it and leave it on the mantle, I found mine from my 1st trip in 1992)
The wrap around front porch with lots of sitting room
We didn’t get to the cottage until later that evening so after visiting with some family and hanging out, we finally went to bed after midnight. I got up Friday morning & dragged Todd along with me for a 4 mile run around Laporte so I could show him around town. This area is pretty hilly and I’m pretty sure Todd wasn’t too happy with the half mile that was straight uphill. Every time I come here, my goal is conquer this hill without walking and I finally did it this year. It is killer! It’s not a steady incline either, it’s a huge steep incline.

We got back to the cottage, showered, ate breakfast, and took it easy for a little bit. We hung out on the porch with everyone and I also showed Todd my favorite game to play at the cottage, the ring toss game.

The goal of the game is to swing the metal ring on the string onto the hook on the wall

After a few tries, Todd finally got it!
Posing on the porch swing
In the early afternoon, we headed out to Ricketts Glen with my Dad, Jeff, and Uncle Pat. Ricketts Glen is a state park that has over 20 waterfalls along a 5 mile trail. Unfortunately, it hasn’t rained a lot up here recently so the waterfalls weren’t as spectacular as they usually are. Since the water was low, it also meant we wouldn’t be making a trip to my favorite place up here, the Haystacks on the Loyalsock Creek.

Map of all the waterfalls in Ricketts Glen

As you can see, the water was extremely low....typically there is so much water you can hardly see the rocks
Taking a quick break in front of the biggest waterfall in the park
At the halfway point about to hike back up to the top of the trail with Uncle Pat, my Dad, and Jeff
The falls looked a little bit better on the other side of the trail, a little bit more water but definitely not as big as they usually are
After the 2+ hour hike through Ricketts Glen, we drove back to the cottage to meet up with everyone to head out to an early dinner at the High Knob Inn. Todd had met some of my family during Christmas last year when we went to my Grandma’s for the day but he was able to meet all of my Uncles, Aunts, and one of my cousins (and her fiancee) while we were here. There were 14 of us at dinner Friday night.

On the way to High Knob Inn, you drive through 2 covered bridges

Todd & I at dinner

Outside the restaurant after dinner (Todd, Jeff, and I)

Afterwards, we all headed to the Sweet Shop in Eagles Mere for some ice cream. The Sweet Shop, obviously, has been one of my favorite places to come to every trip we make to the cottage.

The Sweet Shop

Saturday morning I got up for a 5 mile run and Todd slept in a bit. After a quick breakfast, my Dad, Todd, and I went back to Eagles Mere to walk around the lake. It’s a beautiful 2 mile trail that follows right along the lake the whole way. Similar to Lake Mokama in Laporte, there’s also a beach at Eagles Mere Lake for those staying at the cottages there. We headed over to some of the little shops in Eagles Mere to look around. Todd & I bought a Christmas ornament & I bought a fiction book about an inn that used to be in Eagles Mere.

Looking out over the lake

Another good photo opportunity

A view of the beach
We went back to the cottage to pick up Jeff, my Grandma, and Uncle Pat to go a few miles down the road to the Eagle Rock Winery for some wine tasting. We each tried 2-3 wines and while most of it wasn’t that good, I did end up buying a bottle of Riesling, partly because it was in a plastic bottle and I’ve never seen wine sold in plastic bottles. After a quick power nap back at the cottage, everyone headed up to the other house my three Uncles own down the street from the cottage.

Enjoying the wine tasting (Jeff, Uncle Pat, Todd, my Dad, me, and my Grandma)

Todd & I showing off our new plastic bottle of wine

Stay tuned tomorrow for details about the rest of our trip!

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wow the cottage looks so majestic and awesome. as well as that state park! your trip looks like it was awesome :)