Friday, July 9, 2010

Weekend Plans

After being out of town the past few weekends, Todd & I will actually be staying in Columbus for a change.....but we're still going to be busy! Tonight, Todd & I will be laying low and I'll hopefully be making a new recipe for dinner followed by watching a movie. Saturday morning I'm meeting a couple of my running buddies, Sara & Tracy for an 8 miler and then meeting some of the sexy 7 for lunch. Later that evening, Todd & I are going to a cookout at a friend's house. After teaching core & spinning on Sunday, Todd & I will be heading downtown to the Ohio Food & Wine Festival at the North Market. We went last year and had a blast! I'm especially excited because a few of the wineries we went to in November in Geneva-on-the-Lake will be there so we can stock up on a few bottles since we're running a little low.

I also had a couple great runs so far this week. Tuesday morning I did a 5 mi tempo run in 7:38 pace and yesterday morning I did a 7 mi run in 7:56 pace. I felt really good during these runs and am relieved that this heat wave is finally over! While I love hot weather, these temps in the high 90s the past few days have been a bit much and it's suppose to drop about 10 degrees today. My 8 miler I have planned tomorrow morning will be my longest run to date and I'm hoping it goes well.

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