Sunday, August 1, 2010

Christine Wilson Memorial 5K

Yesterday morning, I ran the Christine Wilson Memorial 5K. This race has a special meaning to me because I graduated high school with Christine and a couple years later, she, along with 4 other college students, died in a house fire on Ohio State's campus. All the proceeds for this race go to a scholarship fund in Christine's name to our high school as well as various children's causes around central Ohio.

The race started a little late for my liking, 10:00 AM, but I was still hoping to run faster than my 5K last month. Both my Mom & Todd were there to cheer me on. Before the race, I ran into a few people I went to high school, my high school xc/track coaches, and also one of the sexy 7, Lindsey. I was excited to see her and her little boy, Henry. It's hard to believe he's almost a year old!

Lindsey & I (and she's definitely wearing one of the Columbus Clippers t-shirts from Homage that I mentioned the other day)
Before the race started, they said a prayer & announced the winners of the scholarship. There were close to 300 racers.

At the start of the race, I'm in there somewhere!

I was pretty nervous at the beginning of the race, there's no such thing as running easy in a race for me. I just get too competitive. I felt good starting out & hit the first mile in 6:42. This was about 10 seconds faster than my 5k last far, so good! The race director at the start of the race announced that the course would probably be a bit short due to football practice at the high school we were suppose to run to at the halfway point. I wasn't sure how short it would be until I reached the turn around point and my garmin was only at 1.47 mi instead of 1.55 mi. I got to the 2 mi in 13:51. I had slowed down significantly since I only ran 7:09 for that mile. I felt strong still and my legs felt good so I tried to pick it up to the finish. Unfortunately, I don't think I started my kick soon enough as the race only ended up being 2.93 mi instead of 3.1 mi. I crossed the finish line in 20:38 as the 2nd female overall.

The finish line is in sight

Done in 20:38
If I had actually run an entire 5K and the race hadn't been short, I think I would have run right around the same time as last month, if not a few seconds faster (~21:45-21:55). I was happy with how I placed and my legs definitely didn't feel as tired with the faster paces but I was disappointed the race was short & I didn't run a little bit faster. I guess it shows that I need to start doing some more speedwork, along the lines of 400, 800, and mile repeats. I think I might try to redeem myself and do one more 5K this summer.

Todd with his bagel & me with my 2nd place plaque


marathonmaiden said...

you are fast :) great job! congrats on 2nd place. that's wayyyy awesome! too bad we live so far apart: i'd love to race you & i think you'd push me :)

LYNN said...

I was so sad to miss this 5K this year, but there's been some pain in my hip again, and I've stopped 1/2 marathon training. So glad you were able to do it, and congrats on another great time!

Bethany said...

I saw you there and I'm sure you saw me since my girls were crying and making a scene during Deacon's prayer and the rest of the welcoming & scholarship ceremony. I'm sorry I didn't say hello, it was just a little crazy and I didn't even get to talk to the Wilsons until they were cleaning up! You did well, don't be hard on yourself. I was happy to jog half of it and walk the rest while pushing my 70 lbs of children...but my time would've made you cry. ha!