Monday, September 27, 2010

He Asked....

so I said YES!!

Todd & I enjoying cocktails about 15 minutes before he proposed
After finding my parents & telling them the great news

My gorgeous ring

Todd and I left for our Mediterranean Cruise with my parents on Thursday, September 16. Our cruise didn't set sail until Sunday so we planned to spend a few days in Barcelona, Spain beforehand. We boarded the cruise ship on Sunday and enjoyed the afternoon exploring the ship before getting ready for dinner. After dinner, Todd & I headed to the piano bar for a few drinks where my parents met us. Around 10:30 PM, Todd & I decided to wander around the ship by ourselves and Todd suggested going out onto the front of the ship. We get out there and it's dark, cold, and windy so of course, I decide I'm not going to stay out there since I was freezing and I march back inside. I wait inside for a few minutes and realize Todd didn't follow me in. I wasn't sure if he knew where I was so I head back outside and see Todd sitting on a bench by himself. I sit down next to him and I don't really remember exactly what was said except that he told me he loved me very much and the next second he's in front of me down on one knee. I was shocked at this point and didn't really think this was happening. He asked me to marry him and put a gorgeous diamond ring on my finger. Of course I said yes!

We went back inside and found my parents to tell them the wonderful news but my Dad already knew about it. Apparently Todd had talked to him earlier in the week and asked for his permission to marry me and then they worked out some logistics about getting the ring through security at the airport. Since we transferred flights in both Philadelphia and Munich, we had to go through security twice. When my parents had picked Todd and I up for the airport on Thursday, Todd had given my Dad the ring so if Todd's bag got searched, they wouldn't find the ring since I would be right by him. My Dad gave the ring back to Todd while they waited for their carry on luggage in Munich but unfortunately didn't realize we would go through security again. Todd was smart though to get in a different security line than me because they did search his bag but didn't pull out the ring box. Once we got in Barcelona, Todd took the ring out of the box and hid it in his wallet which was kept in a small safe in my parent's hotel room. The night Todd proposed, he put the ring in a small pocket in his pants. He was very sneaky and I had no idea any of this was going on. It was a great start to the trip and now that we're back, we're going to be very busy planning our wedding for late next summer.


Dave said...

Congrats again, Jenny... to both you and Todd!!

Anonymous said...


and that is soooooooo adorable that he asked your dad beforehand!

Lindsey said...

OH MY GOSH!!! Congrats to you and Todd!!!! what an amazing trip thus far :)

Bethany said...

Congratulations!! Looking forward to seeing photos from the rest of your trip!