Wednesday, September 15, 2010


After my not so pretty long run on Saturday, I was determined to do a mid-week long run at a decent pace for redemption. My alarm went off yesterday at 4:50 AM after not getting to bed until close to midnight and I thought for just a split second to roll back over and sleep for a couple more hours. I also thought how much I would regret that decision so I got up and headed out for 12 mi. My goal was to run around 8:00 min pace.

Since it would be dark for my entire run, I was prepared with my head lamp but what I wasn't prepared for were the sprinklers I literally ran through. Nothing like waking you up during a run than blindly running into a sprinkler in 55 degree weather. Despite a few of those encounters, I had a great run. I ran 12 mi in 1:37:29 for 8:07 pace with my last 2 mi at 7:45 pace. Not that I'm going to make excuses for why I didn't run 8:00 min pace but when I ran into the sprinklers I was caught off guard and stopped running without stopping my garmin which meant an 8:28 mile. Also, have you ever run in complete darkness with just a head lamp? It really takes a lot of effort to watch your footing as well as watching for anyone pulling up along the side of the road & kidnapping me....not that I've ever thought about that or anything. So all in all, even though I just ran 20 mi three days ago, my legs felt good and I feel much better about my training.

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Anonymous said...

omg you just reminded me that i have a running light! not a headlamp but something to clip to a visor. genius! now i'm not as nervous about going out before the sun gets up.

and i don't think running an 8:07 average for that run is anything bad for not being 8 even. it was a great run. and stupid sprinklers! i don't even know why people run them so freaking early!