Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wedding Plans & Bachelorette Party

My weekend consisted of attempting to make plans for our wedding & failing miserably and going to one of my good friends' bachelorette party. After getting my 8 mi run in Saturday morning, I was going to look at a couple reception venues with my parents. Todd & I had already looked at them and were very excited about one of the places. I wanted to show my parents since they're helping out with some of the cost of the wedding and I was hoping to sign a contract that day. Well, we show up at the place we really liked and a wedding was just finishing up so we were told to come back in a little bit. We drove to the other place and as soon as I get out of the car, someone from the first place calls me to tell me she didn't know but a couple booked for our wedding date late the night before. Of course, I'm devastated. I was planning on booking it that day and now I couldn't. They told me they still had one date available the following month and a couple the month after that. Unfortunately, I'm deadset on getting married in the summer or early fall of next year so only one of those dates would work. We met with the priest at our church today and of course the church is booked for that date. UGH!!! Short version of the story is that I can't seem to find a date that the church and a venue for our reception are both available for next August or September. We really fell in love with the venue we were planning on signing with so now every time I look at another place, I'm not happy just because it doesn't look like the place I love. I never knew wedding planning would be this stressful and emotional! Let's hope we can figure something out this week so Todd & I don't have to put off getting married until 2012.

On a brighter note, I spent last night at my good girlfriend's bachelorette party. She's getting married in December and I'm one of her bridesmaids. We started the evening with dinner, drinks, and presents at her mom's house before taking a limo downtown to a few bars. There were 10 of us total and even though I had never met some other girls, I had a great time.

Since her wedding colors are black and yellow, all the girls wore just black while the bride-to-be, Megs, wore, Megs, Shubs (and baby), and Lynn

Gotta love all the bachlorette swag
All the girls in front of the limo

Megs, me, and Lynn in the limo

We're kinda a big deal

Lynn & her beer boot

We went to a dueling piano bar and Megs was called up on stage while they sang a song to her

And then Lynn decided to go up on stage & sing with the piano player
Lynn & I

Todd was also downtown for a going away party for a couple of our friends who are moving to Japan in a few weeks. After the going away dinner, he met me at the bar where we were having the bachelorette party and then we stopped by the bar his friends were at for the going away party so I could say bye to his friends. It kinda worked out perfect that we were both downtown the same night.
Our typical MJ sandwich with Todd

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