Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Busy Weekend Recap

Todd & I had yet another super busy weekend. I feel like I say that after every weekend but it's true, we always have something planned.

Todd showed up at my apartment after work on Friday with another beautiful bouquet of flowers. I was very surprised especially since he had just given me flowers a couple weeks ago.

Trader Joe's seriously has the best flowers

A close-up

We spent Friday evening at Tip Top Kitchen downtown with Alyssa & Joe. I went to grad school with Alyssa & we were coworkers at my current job until she left to go to nursing school. Our schedules never seemed to work out with each other so this was the first time we hung out since a wedding we went to together in May.

On Saturday, Todd & I, along with my mom, met with a florist for our wedding. It was great to actually see some of the details of our wedding come together. I love the bright pink and light pink color scheme in the flowers. We still have 2 more potential florists to meet with in the following week before we make a decision.

While Todd went around checking out hotels for a hotel room block for our wedding, I went to Megan's bridal luncheon at her future in-laws house. Megan is one of my oldest and closest friends and I'm excited to be one of her bridesmaids on her big day in December. She's going to return the favor and be one of my bridesmaids next August when Todd & I tie the knot. I have another shower for Megan in a couple weeks that the matron of honor, maid of honor, myself, and Lynn (one other bridesmaid & my Matron of Honor) is planning.

Megan opening presents

Me, Megan, and Lynn

After the bridal luncheon, Todd & I met up and headed down to my high school's playoff football game. We met up with Megan, Dave, Liz, and Lindsey and tried to stay as warm as possible as we watched our high school beat our big rival in the last 20 seconds of the game. I couldn't believe it was the first time I'd been back to my high school's football stadium since I was a senior in 2000!

Todd & I

Megan & I bundled up in 30 degree weather

Watterson Eagles getting pumped up for the game

On Sunday, Todd came to my core & spinning classes at the gym and then we headed to church to meet up with the priest about our wedding. Afterwards, we met my parents at City Barbecue for a birthday lunch for Todd. Todd didn't know we were going to lunch for his birthday and was very surprised when my parents gave him a couple presents. He got the Lost Season 5 DVD along with a splatter guard for cooking.
Todd & his presents

We were luckily able to end our busy weekend relaxing on the couch with some Christmas Ale by Great Lakes Brewing Co on Sunday evening. I bought Todd a 6-pack on Friday so while he surprised me with flowers, I surprised him with beer.

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The Hungry Runner Girl said...

What an amazing weekend and those flowers are GORGEOUS!! I absolutely love your hair...I keep praying for curly hair but it never happens:) have a great night!