Monday, November 29, 2010

Food, Family, Friends & Football

With the last couple months of the year being busy at work, I was very much looking forward to having 2 days off from work. It was going to be a fun few days as my brother was flying in from California, Todd & I were having Thanksgiving at my parent's house, some college friends were coming into town, and then Todd's family was coming to Columbus to tailgate for the big Ohio State vs. Michigan football game.

We started our 4 day weekend running the Pilgrim's Progress 4 Miler then headed to my parent's to spend Thanksgiving day indulging in lots of good food & great conversation. I only see my brother a few times a year so I was excited to hang out with him and see what he's been up to in San Francisco.

Lots of delicious food

Todd & I

My favorite part of Mom's homemade stuffing

My plate....I had already eaten several bites before taking the picture

I finally got to sleep in on Friday. I definitely am not one to take part in Black Friday. If you can get the same deals online, why stand outside in the cold for hours? Todd & I met up with several of my college friends for a late lunch in German Village before meeting up with all of Todd's family who had come into town that afternoon.

We were up early on Saturday morning to head down to campus to tailgate for the Ohio State vs. Michigan football game. If you aren't familiar with this rivalry, it's the biggest one for Ohio State fans and the football season isn't considered a success unless they beat "the team up north." Yes, it's so bad that OSU fans can't even say the word Michigan. You can take a guess as to whether I'm a true Buckeye fan or not.

At 6:00 AM, we were setting up camp in the dark but luckily Todd's family comes prepared for tailgates in late November. We had 2 enclosed tents put together to make 1 big tent that had a heater in it....this heater was clutch to me not freezing the entire day. Besides coming prepared for the cold, his family also comes extremely prepared to feed a small army. There were coolers of beer and tons of food. Several of our friends stopped by as well as my brother. He actually scored tickets to the game and went with a friend. It was a long but very fun day. OSU ended up blowing out Michigan so the game wasn't even that exciting.

Making individual pizzas with a camping oven

This picture doesn't even do justice to the amount of food there was....ribs, subs, pizza, soup, pasta salad, chips & dip, cookies, etc.

My brother & I
A few adult beverages were consumed...the Horseshoe is in the background where the football game was held
Todd & I staying warm while watching the game

After I taught my classes at the gym on Sunday, we met up with Todd's family at Hooters for lunch before they drove back home. Todd & I finished our weekend shopping at the mall for Christmas presents (we're almost done already!) and watching Home Alone. I think that's just what I needed to kick off the Christmas season.


Anonymous said...

i wish i had gone to a school with a big football team (we were so small that we had none). i totally missed going to games! sounds like it was a great weekend

Dave said...

Amen to your comment about Black Friday... remember that time we went to Kohl's just to get one of those ultra-soft blankets? Only when we get there, we find 1 ugly yellow one which was totally not worth waiting in a 2-hour checkout line for. First and last time for me!!