Thursday, November 18, 2010

Welcome to Your 30s

Todd's actual birthday was on Monday and even though I'd already planned the Bourbon Trail trip for him, I wanted to do something with just the two of us. I surprised him with dinner at Lemongrass Fusion Bistro, a restaurant close to downtown Columbus. We've both been there before but not together and he had casually mentioned something a month ago about wanting to go there sometime so this was the perfect chance.

Todd showing off our appetizer

We also got a small sushi sampler

Followed by the best pad thai I've ever had......clearly, we had lots of leftovers

After dinner, we went back to my apartment for cake, ice cream, and presents....or rather, present. I got him an On the Rocks Set from Uncommon Goods. It's set of whiskey stones that you chill and then place in your glass of whiskey (such as bourbon) instead of ice cubes. This way, the cubes don't melt and dilute the drink. Todd absolutely loved his present.

About to blow out his birthday cake
Loving his new whiskey stones

I love birthdays more than any other holiday and since it was Todd's 30th, I defintely had to spoil him a little bit. It was a hard act to follow his past 2 birthdays I've celebrated with him when we went zipling for his 28th and on a wine trip for his 29th, but I think this was one of his best birthdays so far.


Anonymous said...

happy birthday todd! i thought we were birthday twins but i guess not. sad. but happy birthday anyway hahah.

that sushi sampler looks great. i want sushi now :)

Julie @ Hotlegs Runner said...

happy birthday!

I love pad thai! yum!