Saturday, November 20, 2010

Lucky Streak

Todd & I were apparently on a lucky streak last week. I've been participating in my work's activity program where I basically turn in a weekly log of my exercise and am entered into a raffle for prizes. Why wouldn't I take advantage of this? Anyways, the first raffle was held last week and I won a yoga mat! Kinda ironic how I just started taking yoga and mentioned I wanted a mat. I was so excited until it was sent to me at work this week and I realized how cheap it was. I guess beggar's can't be choosers, right? The yoga mats at the studio I go to are a heck of a lot nicer than this one so I'm still on the hunt for a cute, nice, pink yoga mat. Any suggestions?

The same day I found out I won a yoga mat, Todd & I were at a bar getting dinner with some friends. Todd decided to enter a raffle for free Browns tickets for the game that weekend. We knew we wouldn't be able to use the tickets because we would be in Kentucky for the Bourbon Trail. Sure enough, Todd enters anyway and actually wins! I was kinda bummed because I've always wanted to go to a Browns game but don't worry, because Todd sold them to someone at the bar for $5 each. Some lucky guy totally made out with $45 tickets for $5.....although I'm not sure people would pay even that much to go see the Browns play.

Todd & his Browns tickets he won


Anonymous said...

todd looks way happy there hahah. yay for getting a new mat too

Julie @ Hotlegs Runner said...

wow! you guys are truly blessed! congrats! =)

*Pls read my blog post yesterday. I am shamelessly plugging it coz I don't want YOU to miss it. Kindly read and you'll understand why =)

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

You guys are lucky:) I need a new yoga mat but I am too cheap to buy one...maybe I will win one like you someday!