Friday, December 3, 2010

Wedding Checklist

Considering we've only been engaged for about 2.5 months, Todd & I have been quite successful in booking many of our vendors for our wedding. This would explain why my DVR is also almost constantly at 99% full....I have no time to ever relax & veg out on the couch.

So far, Todd & I have booked:
  • Church

  • Reception site

  • Photographer

  • DJ

  • Florist

  • Transportation

  • Hotel block

I have also bought my wedding dress & shoes as well as having all the bridesmaids buy their dresses. They got quite the deal on Black Friday since the dress is from The Limited & everything was 40%. Yes, they bought their dresses for around $50! I'm hoping they'll be able to wear it again but I guess if they don't, at least I didn't have them spend an arm & a leg on it. And, now I won't feel bad asking them to buy gray shoes either.

Bridesmaid dress

Next up on our list: wedding cake & save the dates


Bethany said...

The dresses are gorgeous! I was admiring all of the dresses at The Limited two weeks ago, and was sad that I couldn't buy any since I have this enormous growing baby bump :) Anyway, great color, great price and they all should definitely be able to wear them again! Good pick!

I'm not sure if you have someone in mind to do your wedding invitations / save the dates / etc. but Carolyn Price who was in my grade at Watterson does them as a side "job" at very affordable prices. She's a graphic designer, so a few years ago she decided to do some since she already has access to the software, printing companies, etc. She did mine and we were very happy with the quality and price. Email me if you want her contact

Take some time this weekend to clear some space on the DVR! These cold December days are perfect for DVR'd shows, hot chocolate and a snuggly blanket!

Julie @ Hotlegs Runner said...

nice! =)

Lynze123 said...

The bridesmaid dresses are SO cute!! and so cheap. way to go :)