Saturday, December 4, 2010

Itchy Legs

So I ran today for the first time since the Pilgrim's Progress 4 Miler on Thanksgiving. I didn't mean to take 8 days off but life kinda gets in the way. I had the dreaded 3:45 AM work shift twice this week and some medical issues that prevented me from working out for 3 days. Nothing serious (I hope!) but I had a severe side stitch under my rib cage on my right side for almost 3 days straight. I went to the doctor and had an ultrasound because he thought it might be my gallbladder. Luckily, it didn't hurt when I woke up this morning and I should get the results back in the next couple days from the ultrasound.

Anyways, since I was feeling okay this morning, you can bet that I was going to try to get a short run in. I ran 4 mi in 7:51 pace and felt surprisingly great....except for itchy legs! Does this happen to anybody else when you take time off from running? I feel like anytime I take more than 1 week off from running, the next time I run, my legs will itch like crazy. It drives me insane! Even if I cross train during that week off from running, they will still itch. I goggled it and found out it could be due to the capillaries in my muscles expanding and somehow the nerves send impulses to my brain which reads the sensation as an itch. When you exercises, the capillaries need to expand to allow for more blood flow. Luckily for me, the itchy leg sensation tends to go away by the end of the run but man, it's annoying. Seriously, does this happen to anybody else?


The Hungry Runner Girl said...

I can't believe you have shifts starting at 3:45, that is crazy! Wahoo....great job on your run!! I have never experience itchy legs after a break...who know maybe I will this time!

Anonymous said...


I always get itchy legs when the weather turns cold!!!