Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mustache Party 2011

Last night, Todd & I went to the 4th Annual Mustache Party that a bunch of guys he works with put together. There are about 40-50 guys that start growing beards in December/January and then on the Friday before the Super Bowl, they show up at work with their facial hair shaved down to only mustaches. They take a huge group picture and cap off the competition with a big party the next night. The only requirement to attend the party is that everyone, including females, must show up with a mustache. When Todd & I were in Portland last summer, we found a package of stylish mustaches for each day of the week that we knew we must have. Looks like I'm set for the next 6 years!

My choice of staches

I went with "The Square" mustache because I thought it looked most like Todd's red mustache
Even though the party was mostly people from Todd's work, a few of my friends came to it last year and continued the tradition this year. It was nice because they knew several other people at the party because they also came on the Bourbon trip we took for Todd's 30th birthday in November. My one friends, Megan, is quite the homemaker these days and actually whipped up a few mustaches on her sewing machine. They were awesome!

Me, Megan, and Lynn
Megan & Brian

Lynn (sporting the double stache) & Nathan

Even though none of us won awards for our mustaches, we had a fantastic time hanging out and being creeped out my all the mustaches around us.

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