Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekly Recap: January 31-February 6

The big ice storm we had mid-week changed my workout plans as my yoga class was canceled & the other gym I work out at was closed. I did run a whole 2 miles on Saturday (note my sarcasm) and while I would have loved to run a lot longer, my hip did not hurt and I didn't want to push my luck.

Monday: 30 min elliptical
45 min TRX/Cardio class

Tuesday: 45 min elliptical

Wednesday: 30 min Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown (Level 2)

Thursday: 1.5 hrs indoor rock climbing

Friday: 1 hr spinning

Saturday: 2 mi (8:31 pace), 30 min bike
1 hr TRX/Bosu class

Sunday: taught 20 min core & taught 50 min spinning

TOTAL: 2 mi

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