Friday, February 11, 2011

TRX Certification

I've mentioned during the past few months how I've been taking a TRX Suspension Training class. I absolutely love it and recommend for everyone to try it. Trust me, your muscles will be burning during the class & you will be sore the next day, but it is a fantastic workout. You can even add in short bursts of cardio, like split lunge jumps while holding the TRX handles, that will keep your heart rate up.

TRX Suspension Trainer

Variety of Exercises with TRX

I also mentioned last week that I finally became Spinning certified, mainly in hopes of teaching at another gym because I'm not teaching my outdoor boot camp class this spring & summer. I got word from the gym that I take yoga & TRX at that they needed more Spinning instructors. I talked to one of the owners and he said they're definitely interested in hiring me but they also like their instructors to be certified in both Spinning & TRX so they can teach both classes as well as the combo class. I am more than willing to get certified especially since the training will take place next month at this same gym. I think it's fate. I'm excited to get certified and to hopefully start teaching Spinning and TRX.


Anonymous said...

that looks / sounds intense. fingers crossed that gym hires you! way exciting :)

Sara said...

Awesome! Good luck! Maybe I will take one of your classes someday!! ;)