Thursday, March 31, 2011

Date Night

Even though I've been extremely busy the past few weeks, I feel like I really haven't had much to blog about. I've been teaching a lot of classes at the gym, Todd & I have been doing boring wedding stuff (not that wedding stuff is boring but the stuff we're doing now is), and we're getting ready to move out of our apartments in 2 weeks and into a new townhome together. I've been living in my apartment for 3 years and let's just say I have had a lot of cleaning out to do.

Todd & I took some time the other night though to have a date night and try out a restaurant we'd be wanting to go to for awhile, Montgomery Inn. It's based in Cincinnati and they opened a location in Columbus around a year ago and are known for their barbeque sauce and their ribs. Everyone seems to rave about it but to be honest, we just thought it was okay. It was worth going to once but I doubt we'll be back.

Montgomery Inn

We started with Saratoga Chips & Onion Straws with BBQ sauce

Todd got a half order of ribs with a baked potato

I got the sandwich trio with pulled pork, pulled chicken, beef brisket, and a side of mac & cheese and applesauce...and I didn't come close to eating all of this food

It was nice evening to enjoy each other's company before April hits. Once April 1st comes around, Todd & I will be pretty much be non-stop until after our wedding in August. Among some of the things going on this spring & summer, not in any particular order:

  • We're moving

  • Easter with Todd's family

  • 3 weddings to go to within 4 weeks (not including ours a month later)

  • 2 Wedding showers for friends

  • My wedding showers

  • Bachelorette party for 2 friends in Chicago (coinciding with my birthday weekend so Todd will be joining me on the last day there for a Cubs game and birthday celebration)

  • My bachelorette party

  • Running a half marathon

  • A baby shower

  • Usher/Akon concert

  • Mary Poppins broadway musical coming to Columbus

  • Cooking class at Sur La Table (Todd's Christmas present)

  • *Maybe* a trip to the cottage in Pennsylvania

  • Columbus Arts Festival

  • Ohio Wine Festival

  • Jazz & Ribs Fest


    • Hopefully, I'll still have time to blog about our busy, but awesome spring & summer!


    Anonymous said...

    I've heard really good things about the Montgomery Inn, but I missed the groupon for it the other day. Was there much on the menu besides pork? I'm not a swine eater much to my husband's dismay.

    Anonymous said...

    wow. i'm very jealous of all the good stuff you've got going on! especially date night. okay so maybe usher/akon...

    Anonymous said...

    wittich! you're going to love Mary Poppins. I saw it a couple years ago in London. Seriously one of the best musicals ever. Miss you see you soon xo