Sunday, April 3, 2011

First Wedding Shower of the Season

Todd went to his first ever wedding shower & I went to my first wedding shower of the season last night for my friends, Courtney & Craig. They had a couple's shower and while I wasn't really sure what to expect with a couple's shower, it was a blast. It was great to have all my best girlfriends and their significant others all together. I feel very lucky that I'm not only still close to my friends from high school but also that our significant others get along so well. After some big disappointments the last few weeks, this was just the night I needed and I haven't laughed this much in a long time.

The burgers, bruschetta, veggies, fruit, chips & guac, pasta salad, and some yummy desserts

The Sexy 7....the bride is in the middle in bright pink

Hanging out with my Matron of Honor & one of my bridesmaids

Todd & I

Courtney & Craig opening presents

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Brittany said...

Fun! Fun!! It will be your turn in no time!