Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Favor to Ask...

I'm not quite sure Todd knew what he was getting into when we met in 2008. He truly is a saint to put up with me at times....I mean, seriously, we all know women can be a little "crazy" at times but he also puts up with me getting up at a ridiculous hour to run/workout/teach, training for marathons, and this little thing called my blog. He doesn't even get annoyed when I take 32 pictures of our food at restaurants.

With that being said, Todd has actually asked to put something on my blog on his behalf. He is trying to win a pair of $2000 speakers and wanted me to post the link so more people could vote for him. The contest runs through the whole month of May and you can vote once per day. The top 3 win will win the speakers and he's currently in 3rd place! Go here and then click on the link to vote for your favorite question. Todd is question #216:What percentage of impact on sound quality do speakers have vs. the receiver?

Thank you!

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