Thursday, June 16, 2011

Much Needed R&R

If I've been MIA the past week or so, it's because I was in Houston with my Mom visiting my Grandma and a bunch of aunts, uncles, and cousins. Todd was camping & white water rafting in West Virginia for his bachelor party so it was the perfect opportunity for some rest & relaxation while visiting family. By the way, how crazy is it that Todd just had his bachelor party? Our wedding is going to be here in no time!

My Mom & I left last Friday morning and arrived in hot & humid Houston in the early afternoon. There hasn't been any significant rainfall in a few months so everything was extremely dry and brown. Even though it had been pretty warm in Ohio the past couple weeks, it was nothing like Texas heat. We were there for 5 days and everyday it was between 97-100 degrees with 90% humidity. I got up a couple mornings to run before the sun came up and I couldn't last more than 6 miles. I mean, I would sweat while walking from the car in the parking lot to the grocery store!

We stayed at my Grandma's house and spent our time there helping my Grandma run errands (she can't drive), shopping, having an ice cream sundae party with the family, and working out. Even though I was only gone for 5 days, I felt like it was just what I needed to get re-energized for work and wedding planning (66 days to go!)

A quick peak into my time in Houston....

Hanging out with my Grandma

Running outside and taking spinning & boot camp classes at the YMCA

Eating some good Texas BBQ

Laying out at my Grandma's house

Going to Super Target (yeah, we don't have one in Columbus so I was pretty excited)

Does anyone else remember this drink from childhood? I'm pretty sure this has been sitting on the shelf at the grocery store since 1994

After getting back late Tuesday night and taking yesterday to get my life back in order, I feel ready to tackle the rest of the summer (including lots more wedding planning & going to 3 weddings) before our wedding on August 20!

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Brittany said...

What a nice getaway! I totally remember those drinks! I can't believe they still make them!!