Friday, July 15, 2011

I Forgot to Mention....

Remember a couple months ago when I asked for a favor? Todd was trying to win $2000 speakers and needed people to vote for him. Well, I failed to mention that he actually WON THE SPEAKERS! Yes, he got enough votes to come in 2nd place and the top 3 each won the speakers. The day he found out was the day I flew to Texas so when he got the email he won, he immediately called me up. I swear, I'd never heard the boy sound so excited. He was so giddy and sounded like a little kid on Christmas. Everyday for the past month, Todd would anxiously await the email saying his speakers had shipped and he finally got the email on Tuesday. I came straight home from work on Wednesday so I could be home when UPS delivered them so I could sign for the package.

Each speaker weighed about 50 lbs so I just left them at the bottom of the stairs for Todd to carry up when he got home from work
They're almost as tall as me, and I'm on my tippy toes!
Todd was so excited to see them
Getting them unwrapped....
Todd showing off his new speakers

He spent most of Wednesday evening getting them set up and then listening to music. I will admit, they do sound pretty nice but the problem is where to put 2 speakers that are this big. Let's hope we eventually move into a house with more room!

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