Monday, August 1, 2011

My Bachelorette Party

On Saturday evening, I went over to Matron of Honor's house to start the festivities for my bachelorette party. I wanted something low key and be able to catch up with my friends since there were several coming from out of town. I had the best night and am so thankful for my amazing friends! I value my friendships a lot and to see my closest friends take time to plan the night down to even the littlest details, like having my favorite appetizer and a recreation of my favorite dessert, meant so much. It's nice to know who my true friends are and that I have a great support system I can always count on even when life gets in the way sometimes.

We had a relatively small group with 9 of us and we started off at Lynn's house with some champagne and appetizers. Emily, one of my bridesmaids, surprised me with this fantastic wine glass!

I love that it even includes our wedding date!

We headed to Mezzo shortly after for some Italian food and wine. We had our own private area and Lynn had even dropped off bachelorette napkins to the restaurant the day before which was the perfect touch. Several hours and glasses of sangria later, we left Mezzo and went back to Lynn's for some girl talk and presents.

The sangria at Mezzo was so good....and of course I brought my wine glass with me!

My amazing friends

Gina & I while we waited for the valet

Opening presents

Chocolate and peanut butter dessert cups

Even though the night didn't get too crazy, it was the perfect evening for my last girls' night before getting married. 19 more days...

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Brittany said...

What a great night! You look like you had a blast!:)