Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wedding Wednesday

Seriously, please tell me where the last 11 months went? With just a mere 3 days until I marry an amazing man (clearly, I'm biased), the time has flown by. Now granted, last fall when we had just started planning our wedding, August 20, 2011 seemed like it would never get here and you know what? Now that it's almost here, it's like I don't want it to be here because I don't want it all to be over. I can only imagine the slight "depression" that ensues once the big days has come and gone. I mean, I get like that after running a marathon and I've only committed a few months to training, not an entire year of planning! There hasn't been one day since Todd & I got engaged on September 19, 2010 that I haven't thought about or planned something for the wedding. Looks like I need a project to occupy my time once we get back from our honeymoon.

So with a few days to go, I am officially stress free and done with all major projects wedding-related. After work yesterday, I went over to my parent's house and my mom & I made all of the hotel welcome bags for our guests staying at the hotel where we have a room block. We made about 35 bags and I think they turned out great.....and just in time for our first guests to arrive this afternoon! My Grandma along with my aunt, uncle, and cousin from Houston will be here shortly followed by my family from Phoenix, including the flower girl.

Setting up all the goodies

Bottled water, pretzels, gum, mints, granola bars, buckeye candies, Cheryl's Cookies, info about Columbus, and a special note from Todd & I

All the bags stuffed

The final product complete with tissue paper and a monogram tag

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