Thursday, September 22, 2011

Book Club---Bossypants

One of my best girl friends, Megan, had the idea to start a book club a couple months ago. I figured since I'm now married woman, this sounds like something I should probably be doing....and it doesn't hurt that I actually enjoy reading. She sent out all the details to about 10 ladies, some of whom I had never met, and we all decided to start our first book club reading Bossypants by Tina Fey.

I actually read the book on our honeymoon and to be honest, I wasn't a huge fan of it. I think part of it was because I don't "get" Tina's sense of humor and part of it is because I don't watch a lot of SNL or 30 Rock and a large chunk of the book was dedicated to those shows & characters. There were definitely some funny parts but towards the end, I was just skimming it to get it over with. Would I recommend reading it? Probably not but several girls in book club really enjoyed it so it's worth a shot.

We met for the first time last night at Megan's house and me being the dessert lover that I am, I went to KissiCakes-n-Sweets at Tuttle Mall beforehand to bring a dozen cupcakes. I had a Living Social deal and figured I didn't need to eat all dozen by myself so I took them over to Megan's. I tried the peanut butter and chocolate cupcake with a Reese's cup on top and it was delicious!

A variety of yummy cupcakes

Megan had an assortment of snacks and drinks set out

All the girls that came to the first book club

Our first meeting was a huge success! Three of the girls I didn't know before last night and we all seemed to get along really well. I can't wait for our next book club meeting next month when we discuss Room by Emma Donoghue.


Lindsay said...

this sounds like such a fun idea! and a great way to meet some new girls!! love it

Christina @ The Athletarian said...

Hmm thanks for the review on Bossypants. I was thinking of getting it but I don't watch those shows either. I thought that I wouldn't completely "get" her either. I've heard a lot of good things about Room though!! Hope it's a good one!