Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Part 2: Honeymoon to St. Lucia

We woke up on Friday morning to a rainy, overcast day. Since we'd be in the sun so much the past few days, we really weren't too disappointed about the weather. After breakfast at the buffet, we headed out to the pool to find lounge chairs with umbrellas. We were still able to enjoy our day drinking fruity drinks and reading.

Dreary day in paradise

Todd getting us drinks at the pool bar

Staying dry under an umbrella with a drink and my book

Luckily, the weather cleared up later in the afternoon just for our hike to Fort Rodney on Pigeon Island. It was a hike just for concierge level guests and ended with an amazing surprise. One of the Sandals employees lead us on the hike and told us all about the history of Pigeon Island. The entrance to Pigeon Island was only about a quarter mile from our Sandals resort so we were able to walk over as a group. It was once an actual island but in 1972 they built a causeway to connect it to the mainland. In 1979, it was declared a National Park. Fort Rodney was an actual fort on top of one of the two peaks on the island that was used by the British in the late 1700s to spy on the French ships at the nearby island of Martinique. The views from Fort Rodney was amazing and it was well worth the hike in the hot & humid weather.

Map of Pigeon Island

History of St. Lucia and Pigeon Island

Todd & I at Fort Rodney

View of our Sandals resort from the top

Our surprise after the hike was a sunset boat ride around parts of St. Lucia. Sandals knows how to keep its guests happy too because it was fully stocked with champagne, beer, and snacks.

Our boat

Todd & I enjoying the sunset in the ocean

Enjoying our surprise boat ride

Riding by our resort

Beautiful sunset

After dinner, we met up with our new friends....the guys (in their matching shirts which was not planned) decided to have Irish car bombs

The weather was absolutely perfect on Saturday & Sunday, our last two full days in St. Lucia. We again spent the days lounging at the main pool in the morning/early afternoon and finishing our time in the sun at our lagoon pool.

Todd finally finished his book! Don't worry, it only took him almost 4 years..it's the only book he's read since we've been together

You know, hanging out by a palm tree

The water was such a beautiful color

Room service for lunch

We went to the other Sandals resort for dinner on Saturday night at Kimonos, a Japanese Steakhouse

Todd & I

Our goal on our last day in St. Lucia was to have every drink on the pool bar drink menu

Starting with my favorite drink, No Pressure No Problems

Todd double-fisting

Later that day, it started pouring for about 10 minutes

Our last dinner in St. Lucia at Barefood on the Beach

When we arrived in St. Lucia a week before, we had to take an hour and a half shuttle ride from the airport to the resort. By the end of our honeymoon, the last thing we wanted to do was take that shuttle again so we ended up splurging and took a 15 minute helicopter ride to the airport instead. It was a once in a lifetime experience and definitely worth the money!

Our helicopter

I felt like we were on The Bachelor

Gorgeous views

The Pitons

Coming into the airport

Our flight was delayed leaving St. Lucia so when we arrived late in Atlanta, we were sprinting through the airport to catch our connecting flight to Columbus. We were drenched in sweat but just made our flight back home with about a minute to spare. Actually, we have another couple from our Sandals resort to thank who arrived about a minute before us and told them to hold the plane because they knew we were on the same flight.

Our honeymoon was one of the best vacations I've been on and it was exactly what we needed after the stress of planning our wedding. But you know what, all that time and stress was worth it because our wedding day was absolultey perfect and every last detail was exactly how I wanted it.


Anne said...

This looks like so much fun! What a great honeymoon!

LYNN said...

Your picture titled "Gorgeous Views" is of the hotel where Nathan and I stayed on our honeymoon!

Sara said...

Beautiful - thanks for sharing!