Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wedding Part 3: The Day After Brunch

The day after our wedding, Sunday, August 21, Todd & I (the new Mr. and Mrs.!) went over to my parent's house for a big brunch. All of my family, besides my parents, had come in from out of state so my parents hosted a brunch for everyone (almost 40 people!) before they had to leave for the airport or for their drive home. Todd & I weren't leaving for our honeymoon until the next morning so we wanted to spend as much time as we could with people who came from long distances for our wedding. Todd's parents and sister's family also joined us. We had lots of great food, opened all of our presents, and were able to enjoy some downtime before packing for our honeymoon. It was a great day and a good way to cap off our wedding weekend.

Newlyweds! You can't read it but my tank top says "Just Married"

The fruit tray looked amazing!

And so did the veggies

Absolutely loved the personalized cookies

Starting the buffet line

My dad's side of the family took over the back porch

A few of my aunts & uncles (and Todd's mom!) hanging out

Eating with Todd and visiting with my cousin and Grandma

It was also my cousin's 10th birthday so we had a birthday cake for him

Todd & I opening presents

We got a bottle of wine with our wedding invitation as the wine label

Todd's favorite gift was a bottle of Utopias from Sam's beer that is 27% alcohol & is the strongest brewed beer in the world

Reading all of our cards...we have amazing friends & family!

One more shot of Todd & I

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Sara said...

Looks like fun! And what a great idea!