Saturday, October 1, 2011

It's About That Time...


I know some marathon plans have a 3 week taper but I definitely prefer a 2 week taper. With the Columbus Marathon in 15 days, I ran my last long run today and did 20 miles in 8:40 pace. I started at Schiller Park again and ran the first half of the marathon course since last time I did the second half of the course. It definitely wasn't my best long run but with all things considered...I've had a cold all week, worked some 13 hour days this week, and it was my first cold/rainy/windy run since late winter/early spring...I was happy. Plus, I tend to run my long runs much to fast anyways for my race goal so running at a slower pace was probably a good thing.

20 miles done!

I'm pretty sure Todd is glad this was my last long run too since he rode his bike alongside me again for the third time this training cycle.

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