Saturday, October 8, 2011

Venturing Outside My Comfort Zone

When I get into a routine, I have a hard time breaking from it and even going out and trying something new. Ever since Todd & I moved into our townhome in April, I'd been wanting to join the Cbus Pacers, a local running group that meets at Columbus Running Company, a local running store with 3 locations. One of these locations happens to be just several miles from our place. They have group runs throughout the week as well as social events.

I finally went to my first event on Wednesday for their Oktoberfest run. There were about 40-50 people who showed up and we split up into different pace groups. I hopped into the group that was going around 8:00 minute pace and asked how many miles people were planning on running. Most of them were planning on 6 miles and I was game for that. We took off on the running path, which I had never run on before so it was a nice change of scenery. There were mostly guys running in the 8:00 minute pace group and they were definitely pushing the pace as I looked down at my garmin and realized we were going sub-7:30 pace. I felt good and figured I'd use it as my last tempo run before the marathon next week. I finished the 6 mile run in 7:38 pace and then went back to the running store to pick up my beer mug and enjoy some brats & Yuengling (now that they're selling it in Ohio!) Now that I've finally gone to one run with the Cbus Pacers, I am excited to start going to their Saturday morning runs once the marathon is over.

My new mug

This morning, I again ventured outside my comfort zone and went with PAI Yoga & Fitness, the studio where I teach spinning & TRX, and a couple of my best girl friends down to Ohio Stadium, otherwise known as the Horseshoe, for OM-H-I-O Yoga in the 'Shoe with lululemon. I hadn't taken a yoga class in quite a few months but am excited to try to start getting back into it. I'm actually hoping to start taking a hot yoga class on Monday evenings starting in a few weeks. The turnout for the lululemon event was great with over 1000 people attending. It was pretty awesome to do yoga on the football field and was definitely a once in a lifetime experience!

Me, Lynn, and Megan

Walking onto the field

Child's pose on the 30 yard line

A view of everyone at the event (picture from lululemon Easton facebook page)

O-H-I-O Yoga in the end zone with some of the PAI yoga instructors and clients

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Lindsay said...

oooh i heard about that OmHIO event. sounded awesome but i've never done yoga so i was too scared to go!