Friday, October 28, 2011

Wine & Cheese Pairing at the North Market

Last night, Todd & I ventured downtown to the North Market for a Wine & Cheese Pairing. We luckily had a little bit of time to spare before the event started so we stopped at a couple of the local vendors for dinner. We went to Hubert's Polish Kitchen for pierogies, mashed potatoes, and a cabbage roll and then stopped at brezel for a rosemary & olive oil pretzel with whipped cream cheese (it was to die for!).

My meal is the left & Todd's is on the right

Amazing pretzel!

The wine & cheese pairing was from 7-9 PM so after our quick dinner, we went upstairs to the Dispatch Kitchen, where they offer weekly cooking classes and tastings. We sat down and were excited for the 4 pairings we were going to try. We were even more excited when we saw the wine was from Lemelson Vineyards, a vineyard in the Willamette Valley wine region and right by some of the wineries Todd & I had stopped at during our trip to Oregon last summer.

A list of the wines & cheeses we were going to try as well as a place to take notes

They even had a representative from the winery there to talk about the vineyard as well as the wines we were going to taste

Up first was Riesling with Muenster (but it wasn't like American Muenster)

Then we had Pinot Gris with Headwaters (my favorite cheese of the night and I found the black line in it to be interesting because it was actually a line of ash)

Enjoying some wine & cheese

Todd throwing back some wine

Our third pairing was Chardonnay with Wagon Wheel

Our last one was Pinot Noir (the wine Oregon is known for) with Pantaleo

I really enjoyed this event because while I've been to plenty of wine tastings before, I'd never been to a wine pairing or a cheese tasting. I definitely need to go to more cheese tastings though to get more of a taste for something other than American cheeses. They had a beer & cheese tasting a few weeks ago that Todd & I weren't able to go but we're hoping they'll have another one in the next few months because it was a great night out for only $20/person.

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Meghan said...

It looks fantastic! I am always up for a wine tasting:)