Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day Trip to Yellow Springs

This morning, Todd & I decided to venture about an hour southwest of Columbus to Yellow Springs. Our first stop was to Glen Helen, a nature preserve with waterfalls, limestone cliffs, and the Yellow Spring, which is what the village is named after. The Yellow Spring is rich in iron, which leaves a yellow-orange color on the rocks and was thought to have "healing" powers.

Entrance to Glen Helen

We walked the Inman Trail, which had a slight detour at the beginning of the trail and was probably only about 1.5 miles long. It was a beautiful fall day though and we were able to see all the highlights of Glen Helen.

The Grotto

The Yellow Spring

Cascades on Birch Creek

After our short walk, we walked around the main streets in Yellow Springs and stopped in a few shops. I'd been here a few times before because it's not far from Dayton, which is where I went to college. It's definitely a "hippie" town and we had a fun time walking around, people-watching and shopping.

Our trip to Yellow Springs wouldn't be complete without a trip to Young's Jersey Dairy, a working dairy farm with two restaurants, homemade ice cream, petting zoo, and putt-putt golf. Definitely a random place but people love it! One of my old roommate's from UD would always talk about going here and I will admit, the ice cream is pretty tasty.

Young's Dairy

Our lunch, which consisted of a bacon cheeseburger for Todd & grilled cheese for me...we split potato wedges and fried cheese curds

We shared Peanut Butter Cup ice cream for the ride home

But of course, after leaving Young's Dairy, we saw a sign for Brandeberry Winery, which was only a couple miles away and decided to stop. Since the weather was perfect, we decided to get the 6 tasting sampler and sit outside while enjoying our wine.

Brandeberry Winery

Loved this sign in the parking lot

Tasting Room

After our wine tasting, we headed back home to spend the rest of the day bottling beer and watching football.

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Sara said...

Wow! I have never heard of Yellow Springs, but I foresee a day trip in our future too! Thanks for sharing. Looks like a fun time and a beautiful day! :)