Thursday, January 26, 2012

Book Club--You Deserve Nothing

I just realized that since I didn't go to book club last month, I completely forgot to do a review of the book we read, which was Heaven is For Real by Todd Burpo. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for you!), I'm not going to go back and review it but will just skip ahead to the January selection for book club.

You Deserve Nothing by Alexander Maksik is told from the perspective of 3 characters: Will, a thirty-something teacher at a high school in Paris, Marie, a student at his school that he's having an affair with, and Gilad, one of Will's students who idolizes him. Will, known to his students as Mr. Silver, has unconventional teaching methods as well as devoted pupils but he succumbs to temptation which eventually leads to his downfall.

While the plot sounded intriguing, I was disappointed with the ending which to me was predictable & seemed to fall flat. I was expecting a bigger finish than what was written. Another interesting note though is that while this book is supposedly fiction, many have said that the author, Alexander Maksik, is actually writing a true story about his own experience and he is actually Will Silver.

The girls at book club

And we might have discussed Teen Mom & The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills more than the book...just saying!

Up Next....

We plan to read the triology & will discuss the books at our February meeting and then go to dinner & see the movie for our March meeting.

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