Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year, New Fitness Goals

Being a full-time Exercise Physiologist, group fitness instructor, and marathon runner, I often don't have a goal at the beginning of the year to begin an exercise routine, but rather to try new exercise classes or PR in a race.

Here are a few things I'm starting or would like to try in the next few weeks:

1. Go to Hot Yoga at PAI Yoga & Fitness 1-2x/week

I love PAI, not only because I'm an instructor there, but because the classes are all fantastic. I will be the first to admit if a class is not up to my standards as I tend to be a bit pickier than others but I've yet to go to a sub-par class there. I teach an early morning Spin/TRX combo class there (the best of both worlds with cardio & strength) and a Sunday afternoon Spinning class. I think incorporating yoga in 1-2x/week will help with my flexibility and my running. I'm dying to PR again in both the half and full marathons this year and I think this will be key. I will note too that I actually started at PAI as a participant with a Living Social deal and enjoyed it so much that I started teaching Spinning there (I've been teaching Spinning for about 6 years now) and got certified in TRX.

**For all you readers in central Ohio, Laurie over at Laurie Walks Fast is having a fantastic giveaway for PAI through Saturday. She is giving away a Fitness Assessment, Nutritional Plan, water bottle, and a 5 class pass! This is an incredible giveaway considering 1 class alone would cost $13! Head over now to enter to win & try something new in 2012.**

2. Go to lululemon Easton Run Club

Starting this Sunday, January 8, the Run Ambassador at the lululemon at Easton will be leading a group run from the store at 10:00 AM. All levels are welcome and you can take advantage of their complimentary yoga class afterwards at 11:00 AM. I love lululemon and plan on being there this Sunday to see what it's all about.

3. Attend a Pure Barre class

I've mentioned it before, but I really want to try a Pure Barre class. The 2 major drawbacks are that it's $23/class (insanely pricey!) and it's location. The good news is that they're opening a second studio closer to where I live so I'm kinda hoping when it opens, they'll have some sort of deal to get people in the door. They are also having Free Friend Friday this week where a member can bring a friend for free. Using the amazing powers of social media, I tweeted that I wanted to come but didn't know anyone that goes and they said I could come for free anyways! We'll see if I end up going after work on Friday...

4. Attend a Body Attack class

Since Lifestyle Family Fitness closed, I had to actually join a gym for the first time in years. I now belong to Premier at Sawmill Athletic Club and have been intrigued by one of their group fitness classes, Body Attack. It's a Les Mills program, like Body Pump, and sounds like something I would really enjoy. According to the Les Mills website, "BODYATTACK™ is the sports-inspired cardio workout for building strength and stamina. This high-energy interval training class combines athletic aerobic movements with strength and stabilization exercises." My goal is to try the class before the end of the month and if I like it, continue with it a few times/month just to change things up.

What are your 2012 fitness goals? And don't forget to head over to Laurie Walks Fast to enter the PAI Yoga & Fitness giveaway!


Laurie said...

Thanks for the shout out! I didn't know you started at PAI the same way I did! Cool!

Meghan said...

I love your goals! Mine are similar in that I want to maintain yoga and barre classes each week! Best of luck!

Sarah said...

Awesome goals! Sounds like there's a lot of fitness resources in CBus! I'm a little jelly only because most of the off-campus Yoga and Pilates places in Lex are super pricey! My goals are to continue my Pilates routine every morning, even during my internship... we'll see how well I manage that! Evening Pilates would be a good way to unwind if I can't get it in the a.m. Are there any exercise (yoga, pilates, aerobic, etc.) videos you would recommend?