Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What I've Been Up To....

I spent all day Sunday at PAI Yoga & Fitness, where I teach Spinning & TRX, taking a Level 2 Sports Medicine Suspension Training Course

House hunting with Todd, which has been a little stressful to say the's a HUGE decision and by the time we find a house we like and look at it, within a couple days someone has already put an offer on it & we're back to square one

Loving Ohio this winter with springlike temps and lusting after this perfect dress for spring

Pretty much been living in scarves & cardigans and I love the colors in this scarf

I took a 2-day course to get my ACLS (Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support) certification...the below image is just one of the many algorithims I had to memorize and know during the mega mock might have been easier if I was a doctor or nurse and knew what these meds actually were but instead I'm *just* an Exercise Physiologist who can't push drugs or actually do anything in a code situation except call 911 & get the AED (makes sense that I had to take this course for work though, right?)

Watching UK play like the #1 team they are

Getting excited to be a bridesmaid in one of my best girlfriend's wedding on September 1, 2012

Planning our trip to San Francisco in April to visit my brother & several of Todd's excited to see the city & go to Napa

Switching my fall marathon schedule to run the Akron Marathon at the end of September instead of the Chicago Marathon in October....pretty much changed my mind on Chicago just for budget reasons....running big marathons, like Chicago, is expensive!

Getting my DVR ready to record Smash next week....I really hope it turns into a hit show!


Sara said...

I love the Bridesmaid invite! That is so awesome! :) Thanks for sharing.

lindsay said...

ooh i love that scarf. i went on a bit of a scarf spree late 2011.

be patient with the house! it's hard to have them slip away but that just means a better one will come along. i assume you're not in a rush (don't have to move out of wherever you are) so that is good too. don't settle!

Nikki said...

San Fran is on my list of top cities I want to visit. Looking forward to meeting you in a couple of weeks