Monday, March 19, 2012

March Madness Weekend

With our house inspection going well on Friday afternoon, we'll be closing on our house next Monday and moving in the first few weeks of April. This past weekend was one of our last weekends to enjoy before the craziness of owning a home begins. Oh, and did I mention that the weather was gorgeous on Saturday for the middle of March in Ohio? And you know you're getting old when you don't do a thing to celebrate St. Patricks's Day and don't even care about it.

After teaching Spinning & running a few miles on Saturday morning, Todd & I ran some errands on his motorcycle (I love my pink jacket & butterfly helmet!)

I wrapped presents for the 2 baby showers I have in the next couple weekends

We watched basketball & I started reading a new trilogy

After watching the OSU basketball game, we headed over to Easton so I could return a couple bridesmaid dresses to Nordstrom (I ordered 3 sizes and styles to see which one I liked best) and to try out a new restaurant for dinner, Flip Side. The majority of their menu is burgers but they also had a few other sandwiches & side items as well as milkshakes. Todd & I both loved what we had & will definitely be back to try it again.

Flip Side

Chef's Shake: Peanut Butter, Pretzels, and Chocolate & Vanilla ice cream

Todd got the Green Eggs + Ham Burger (fried egg, proscuitto, spinach, crispy parmesan, and basil mayo), I got the Flipside burger (cheddar, bacon--on the side for Todd, charred balsamic vinegar red onion, and bbq sauce), and we shared the french fries

I skipped yoga on Sunday morning in favor of sleep after staying up to watch UK win so I decided to do 30 Day Shred Level 3 instead

We packed a few boxes (just trying to get a head start)

I taught Spinning in the afternoon & was still drenched in sweat when I came home....the studio was extremely hot that day for some reason

Tornado sirens, a torrential downpour, and hail began shortly after I got home

Our balcony was covered in hail

The storm didn't stop us from having our weekly pizza night though

We enjoyed our pizza while watching some more basketball & relaxing before another busy week began.

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