Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wine & Canvas Double Date

Back in the fall, I had bought a Living Social deal for Todd & I to go with another couple to a Wine & Canvas event. The deal was quickly approaching it's expiration date so we made plans & decided to go last night. While the event normally costs $34/person, we paid only $17/person, which included a canvas and step-by-step instuctions on how to create your painting. Unfortunately, the wine was not included but the event we went to last night was at On the Border by Easton and we were able to order drinks & food while painting & socializing. We had a blast & it was a fun idea for a double date.

Arriving at On the Border

Since the weather was amazing yesterday, our class was set up on their open air patio/deck

The painting we were supposed to recreate

The event was from 6:30-9:30 PM and we arrived early & were able to enjoy 1/2 of appetizers for Happy Hour so first up were chips & guacamole

Avocado fries

Empanadas and Quesadillas

Brie & Kevin

Todd & I

Hard at work creating masterpieces

All finished!

So which one do you think is better?


or Todd's?

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lindsay said...

these painting classes are so fun. i always wonder what you do when you're a couple and you end up with two of the same painting though - what are you guys going to do with them?

does todd read your blog? if so, they are both good. if not, yours is of course better ;)