Friday, May 4, 2012

San Francisco: Day 4-5

With 3 busy days down in San Francisco, we still had 5 more ahead of us with the majority of day 4 & 5 being spent in the city walking around (and maybe riding the cable cars!)

Day 4 (Thursday, April 26)
I woke up at 5:30 AM on my vacation to take a circuit training class at the TRX Training Center

We walked around the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park

We happened to be in San Fran the week that the National Park services waives all admission fees so we were able to go to the Hyde St. Pier & check out a bunch of historic ships & ferries

One of the ships we walked around on

View of downtown from the pier

View of Ghirardelli Square from the pier

Fisherman's Wharf

We went back to Lombard Street to take pictures at the bottom

Todd & I

Riding the cable cars again

We went back to Fisherman's Wharf to take a tour of Boudin, the sourdough bread bakery

Making bread

We walked down a little farther to Pier 39 to see the sea lions

Sea lions sunbathing

We walked over to Ghirardelli Square to get cupcakes

It was a beautiful area with some shops & restaurants

I stopped in to Kara's Cupcakes to get a cupcake & it was delicious!

Riding the cable car again

Saw Luke Wilson when we were at dinner....he was about 4 tables away from us but I had to take the picture with my phone & zoom in which is why it probably doesn't look like him but it was!)

Day 5 (Friday, April 27)
Ferry taking us to Alcatraz

Arriving at Alcatraz

San Francisco skyline

Sign at Alcatraz

We took a 45 minute audio tour which showed the highlights of the cell block

Standing in front of a jail cell

3 levels of jail cells

Some of the most infamous inmates including Al Capone and "The Birdman"

Todd inside the jail cell during the audio tour

Outside by the guard tower

Leaving Alcatraz to head back to the city...I thought Alcatraz was really interesting & would highly recommend going

Arriving at the pier

After a fiasco of trying to find Coit Tower & going completely out of the way, we gave up and headed to the Ferry Building Marketplace for a late lunch

Jeff & Kate met us at the Ferry Building Marketplace & we walked over to 21st Amendment Brewery for drinks before heading to a Giants baseball game

AT&T Park

We had a great view of the entire ball park....

but we were literally in the top row & it was really windy and cold

Obligatory ball park sundae

We left the game in the 8th inning because it was so cold (thank god I brought gloves!) and went to get a few drinks before calling it a night.

I'll have the final recap of our trip posted early next week.

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Sara said...

Looks like an awesome trip! I would love to see Alcatraz someday. Thanks for posting pictures!! :)