Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Anniversary Trip: Part 2

We had another busy day last Tuesday in Savannah since it was our last full day in the city.  We spent the morning walking around a bit more and after lunch, we drove to a couple historic sites and over to Tybee Island. 

Day 3 (Tuesday, August 21)

We walked about a mile from our hotel to Forsyth Park; it's the largest city park in Historic Savannah and was created in 1840

Famous Forsyth Fountain

Close up of the fountain

After a quick stop at the liquor store so Todd could buy some Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka, I wanted to go back to one of the city squares where part of Forrest Gump was filmed.  The scenes where Forrest sat on the bus bench while retelling his life stories were filmed in Chippewa Square; however, they had to remove the bench a few years ago because people were vandalizing it.

Scene from the movie

The bench was located right where the Chippewa Square sign and One Way sign are now
The Independent Presbyterian Church is next to the square and was seen at the beginning of the film when the feather is floating down to the bench

I've become such a sucker for cupcake bakeries that I try to stop at one on every trip we go on.  In Chicago, we went to Sprinkles and in November when we head to NYC, I want to go to Magnolia's Bakery.  In Savannah, we went to the Cupcake Emporium & it definitely didn't disappoint.

Cupcake Emporium

We made it back to our hotel shortly before noon to drop off Todd's booze purchase and walked a block over for our lunch reservations at The Lady & Sons, which is Paula Deen's restaurant.  We had heard the day before that the buffet here wasn't as good as the one we had at Mrs. Wilke's (apparently we started with the best) so we just ordered from the regular menu even though most people go for the buffet.

The Lady & Sons

Everyone starts with a hoecake (kinda like a greasy pancake) and a garlic cheddar biscuit

Todd got a crab cake sandwich and I got a chicken pot pie

It looks big but it really wasn't that big and was the perfect lunch size portion

I couldn't turn down Paula's famous gooey butter cake for dessert but it seriously tasted like pure sugar

Hey Y'all
After lunch, we picked up our car and drove over to Wormsloe Historic Site.  I didn't know much about it except there was a really pretty view of their drive with the live oaks and Spanish moss.  Once we found out how much we had to pay to go visit, we changed our minds.  I read online though that it's an old plantation that are mostly ruins now and they have a museum you can visit.  

The view I really came for (although this is technically an "illegal" picture because there was a sign that said you had to pay admission to drive down the road to the historic site and to just take pictures of the drive)

Our next stop was Fort Pulaski National Monument, which was used by the Confederates during the Civil War.  The Union army used the newly invented rifled cannons against the Confederates here,  damaging the structure of the fort and causing them to surrender.  This was also the place Todd was looking forward to the most because he likes forts (he is a guy) and he could get a stamp in his National Parks passport.  The only thing I got at Fort Pulaski were a lot of mosquito bites and fear that I might have contracted West Nile (as of now, I have not).

Moat around the fort

Inside the fort

Todd loved the drawbridge

We drove over to Tybee Island and saw the lighthouse

We drove back to our hotel and hung out...well actually, I took a nap while Todd watched Repo Games.  We were finally starting to feel hungry around 7:00 PM that night and walked over to The Distillery for dinner & drinks.  They had a ton of beers on tap so Todd was able to choose a couple he'd never had before.

Outside The Distillery

Todd  &I

Todd had an Elvis Sandwich: Peanut Butter, Banana, and Bacon

First slice of pecan pie I've ever had & it was delicious!

We walked around Savannah one last time before going back to the hotel and calling it a night.  We had a long day of driving ahead of us on Wednesday.

Day 4 (Wednesday, August 22)
  • 10.5 hour drive back
  • Lunch at Five Guys
I really don't have much to note about the drive home except we took a different way back since we were going to Columbus and we had left from Cincinnati so that was a nice change of scenery.  I drove a few hours so Todd didn't have to drive the entire way and both times I drove (going down and back), I somehow got stuck driving when there were torrential downpours and Todd didn't drive through any rain.

Oh, one more note about the drive, IT WAS REALLY LONG.  I don't enjoy car rides because of my short attention span. 

Stopped for lunch in North Carolina at Five Guys....seemed fitting to end our feast of the south at a greasy burger joint

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