Thursday, September 13, 2012

Biking Around the World

This Saturday, September 15, my brother & his friend will be flying to Brazil to begin their 3 month, 4700 mile bike trek across South America.  They will be biking from the east coast to the west coast through remote terrain covering parts of the Amazon as well as the Andes Mountains.  They will (hopefully) arrive at their final destination in Peru at the beginning of December.  While this seems like a daunting trip, they're experienced bikers who have already completed another challenging ride when they biked from Canada to Mexico along the Continental Divide a few years back.  That trip took them about 2 months as they biked roughly 2700 miles and was documented at Biking the Great Divide.

They'll be blogging along the way so feel free to check in on their ride at Biking South America. You can also like them on Facebook ( or follow them on Twitter (


Lindsay said...

cool! one of my friends from high school just hiked the entire length of south america over the course of a year with two other girls. loved reading their journey!

lindsay said...

That is so cool!! What an adventure.