Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Last Wedding of the Year

It's not that I don't love weddings because trust me, I do, but I almost feel like after going to several weddings week after week, it takes a little something out of the magic of a wedding.  I begin to feel like I just go through the motions of being a wedding guest and don't truly enjoy what an amazing event it is.  Plus, weddings are expensive!  Todd & I have dropped $800 for the 4 weddings we went to in the last 5 weeks.  Oh, and we've been to 24 now so yeah...you do the math because I will cry if I actually think about it.

Anyways, we went to our last wedding of the year on Saturday afternoon.  My coworker, Anna, was marrying her high school sweetheart, Paul.  You know you've been to a lot of weddings when wedding venues start to repeat and you actually recognize the singer/cantor at the ceremony.  The wedding was beautiful and we had a couple hours in between the ceremony and reception to go home and relax (or take a nap in my case).

Anna & Paul leaving the church after getting hitched....the guests tossed purple & white flower petals as they walked by

The reception was at Worthington Hills Country Club, the same site Todd and I had our reception, so it was nice to relive some memories there.  Todd and I sat with 3 of my other coworkers and their significant others and had a great night.  Even though we didn't really dance much or stay the entire time, it was a fun evening...and the cake was delicious!

The wedding cake was from Giant Eagle and turned out great

Todd & I done with weddings until June of next year!

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Anne said...

I feel ya! It has been wedding central for us too. We still have 2 left, and while I want to celebrate our friends well, having so many all in a row kinda takes it out of you.