Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Unexpected Day Off Work

Todd woke up on Sunday morning and mentioned an uncomfortable feeling on the right side of his stomach.  He even said he was having a hard time sleeping on his right side because it hurt.  He jokingly said it might be his appendix and after some internet diagnosing, it seemed like it actually could be a possibility.  He still had this uncomfortable, dull ache on Monday and I told him he should at least go to the doctor to see if they knew what it would be.  Todd wasn't in pain at all but something just didn't feel normal.
Yesterday morning, he had an appointment with his family physician and they wanted to rule out appendicitis so he had a cat scan scheduled for later that day.  I was about to leave work yesterday afternoon when I got a call from Todd that they wanted to take his appendix out and they were scheduling surgery as soon as possible.  I left and drove over to the hospital and in those 20 minutes, Todd was already prepped and ready to go.  There really wasn't much time to think about what was going to happen because by 5:00 PM, they were wheeling him into the OR.
Todd pre-surgery

The surgery was short, only about 35-40 min, and after a quick talk with the surgeon to be informed everything went well and his appendix was actually enlarged, I was able to see Todd in the recovery room.  He was still really groggy but wasn't in much pain.

He had to take his contacts out & didn't have his glasses with him so he made do with mine....although he still couldn't see much

Since his surgery was so late in the day, they wanted him to stay the night to make sure he was still feeling okay once the anesthesia wore off.  I stayed with him until 9:30 PM then went home to get some sleep.

Looking much better

I took today off work and after a short tempo run this morning (can't skip that!), I was at the hospital before 9:00 AM , just in time for him to eat his breakfast.  This was his first meal in 24 hours and since he was able to keep it down, he was discharged about an hour & a half later.

French toast & bacon for breakfast

Looking back to his normal self

Todd has done great through this whole process and hasn't had to take any pain medication.  His main complaint is just some general soreness in his abdomen as well as feeling bloated since they had to pump gas into his stomach during the surgery.  He should be back to work by Monday and just needs to take it easy for the next week.  Since it was laparoscopic surgery, he only has 3 small incisions on his abdomen.

Laying on the chaise lounge doing his favorite thing, watching movies


Unknown said...

So glad Todd is on the mend!

Not So Newlyweds said...

Aw, bless his heart! Glad he is doing better!

lindsay said...

glad it was nothing serious and hope he heals quick! (lol at getting your run in - i'd probably do the same!)