Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Perfect Fall Weekend

Another great fall weekend in the books!  Last weekend was the ultimate fall weekend for me because it involved 3 things: pumpkins, tailgating, and the Columbus Marathon. 
Todd and I began our weekend at the Circleville Pumpkin Show on Friday night.  It was cold and rainy but the rain was great because it kept the big crowds away.  We usually have to wait in line for quite awhile at several food vendors and to get the famous pumpkin doughnuts but not this year!  It was awesome.
Award-winning pumpkins
The winner weighed in at 1315 lbs!

Pumpkin Tower

Lindsey's Bakery is known for their pumpkin doughnuts and they are the best straight from the oven...we might have bought a dozen to take home

Todd's favorite is the pumpkin chili

Mine is the pumpkin pizza

We've been to the pumpkin show every year we've been together and this is our traditional picture

Since I've had some pretty bad back pain the past few days, I didn't end up getting in a long run on Saturday so we were able to head to tailgate a little earlier than expected.  Emily invited us to her tailgate and it was a blast.

Cute set up with the chevron print

Todd and I

Emily and I

Once we got home from the tailgating, we cleaned up and awaited the arrival of one of my college roommates, Kelly.  She was in town from Cincinnati to run the Columbus Marathon and was staying with us the night before.  We hadn't seen each other since our wedding last year and even then, we didn't really get to talk much.  I was so excited to see her and spend the evening catching up.  We went to dinner at Mia Cucina in Powell (literally 1/4 mile from our house) and despite Todd having an old receipt baked to the bottom of his flatbread pizza (that's a story for another day), it was a good evening and even better weekend.

Kelly & I at dinner

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emily said...

so glad you were able to come tailgate! it was great to hang out with you and todd! :)