Thursday, October 4, 2012

Post-Race Fun

After the marathon on Saturday, we went back to the hotel so I could shower & then check out.  Todd and I met up with Emily, Mark, and Tracy at Swenson's Drive-In, an Akron burger chain that's been around since the 1930s known for delicious burgers and even better milkshakes--perfect for my post-race fuel. Todd & I are a little slow sometimes (I blame having just run 26 miles) and didn't quite realize it was literally a drive-in where you eat in your car.  People were giving us funny looks as we got out of the car and tried to figure out how to eat inside the restaurant.  Luckily, our friends noticed us across the parking lot and saved us.  We hopped into their car, ate, and chatted before we had to leave to head near Youngstown for our nephew's 6th birthday party.
Nothing tastes better than a greasy burger & fries after a race

Quite possibly the best chocolate peanut butter milkshake I've had

The girls

We arrived at Todd's sister's house around 3:30 PM, just in time for the start of the OSU football game.  We hung out and waited for the rest of the family to arrive around 5:00 PM for the party.

It was a Toy Story 3 carnival theme

The Mr. Potato Head cake pops Stacey made were so cute

Audrey, our niece, enjoyed sitting on the presents

Watching the game on their new back patio

Dressing up at Toy Story characters at the photo station

Andrew blowing out his candles

Todd and I with the birthday boy

Todd & I with his immediate family
A few hours and pieces of cake later, we said good-bye to his family and made the 3 hour drive back to Columbus.  Although it was a short trip, it was great to be able to see Andrew and spend time with him at his birthday party.

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