Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Long Thanksgiving Weekend

Why does it seem like days off from work always go by so much faster than days at work?  It doesn't really seem fair...
I was lucky to have a 4-day weekend last week with Thanksgiving day and Friday off from work.  This is actually the only holiday where we have 2 days off in a row so I was pretty excited about it. 
After cooking dinner for some of my college friends that were in town on Wednesday evening (and meeting all their babies), I got off pretty easy for Thanksgiving when my only responsibility was dessert and wine.  Todd & I went over to my parents' to celebrate turkey day and managed to eat a lot of food, enjoy my parent's company, and lay on the couch for a bit.  Perfect day if you ask me!
Acorn snacks
Thanksgiving table

We brought over our last bottle of red wine from our trip to Italy in 2010
My dinner plate
 Todd & I

On Friday, a bunch of Todd's family was coming into town to tailgate for the Ohio State-Michigan game on Saturday.  We had everyone over (I think it was close to 20 people) for dinner and were able to show our house to those who hadn't seen it yet.  We went to bed fairly early because we were up at 5:00 AM to head down to campus on Saturday morning for the big tailgate.

We got there around 6:30 AM and my goal for the day was to stay as warm as possible.  I wasn't off to a good start when part of the cables/wires for the heater were missing and we had to wait for someone to buy new ones a few a hours later.

Even the dog needed a sweater to stay warm

The tailgate with Ohio Stadium in the background; 4 tents put together and enclosed, I actually forgot at times that I was on campus

Dangerous spot for the TV but it never fell over!

2 of the greatest things at the tailgate: a camping oven to make pizzas and the heater

Plenty of food

I'm hoping for stadium seating in 2 years so we don't have to worry about anyone blocking the view of the TV

It was a fun but extremely long day!  We were there for almost 12 hours and I didn't warm up until the next morning. 

On Sunday, we had lunch with Todd's family one more time before they drove back home.  In the evening, we had tickets with my parents to go see White Christmas at the Ohio Theatre.  Great performance and perfect way to kick off the holiday season.

Todd & I in at the Ohio Theatre

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