Thursday, December 13, 2012

Book Club Christmas Party

This month for our book club, we decided to have a "Favorite Things" Christmas party instead of reading the book.  I was 100% on board for this idea since I've been slacking on actually reading the books for book club the past few months.  I tend to just go for some girl time and to discuss reality tv. 
The "Favorite Things" Party was a genius idea!  Each of us brought our favorite thing(s) that cost ~$5 for each of the 8 girls (so the max amount we would spend would be $40) and exchange our favorite things with each other.  We also each brought food and watched a movie about the book we read last month.
My treat bag with my favorite things

Hot chocolate, Peanut Butter Pretzel Mojo bar, and a Cheryl's cookie

I made a big batch of puppy chow

The spread of delicious food

Everyone's favorite things: Can of champagne (um, hello, I didn't even know this existed!), Candy Cane green tea from Trader Joe's, Graeter's gift card, caramel corn, spatula, Luna bar, mints, monogram notecards, gum, and a jar of vaseline

Hanging out while watching the movie

It was such a fun afternoon & I love hanging out with the book club ladies.  It's one of my favorite nights every month that I really look forward to.

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