Monday, January 21, 2013

Low Key Weekend

This post might not seem all that exciting, especially since I forgot to take any real pictures, but it was still a good weekend that I wanted to write about.

On Friday night, we went to 101 Beer Kitchen to celebrate Lynn's 30th birthday with a few other friends.  Pretty low key evening but always fun to get together with friends especially when it involves a big birthday. 

101 Beer Kitchen

I got up on Saturday morning and headed to the studio to sub a Spinning class.  I hadn't taught or taken an hour long spin class in awhile and it felt really good to sweat that much.

Spinning studio at PAI Yoga & Fitness

Todd & I ran errands for a couple hours before he came home to wire cable up to our new TV in our bedroom.  I honestly have no idea what he was doing because he was in the basement, garage, workout room, and our bedroom with a lot of cables and wires but I do know we now have cable upstairs!

The other day I ordered over 400 photos from Shutterfly because I realized it had been over a year since I had actually ordered any prints.  Even though the photos are on my computer, I still like to keep them in photo albums.  I filled over 2 albums and it took me close to an hour to do.

Still need to put a photo in the front cover of the album on the left

I also spent a couple hours on Saturday afternoon being lazy and watching a couple shows on our DVR: Nashville and Biggest Loser.  I have episodes of shows on our DVR from Thanksgiving!  I finally got it down to 20 shows but I'm sure it'll be right back up to 25 by Monday night.  I just never have time to actually watch any of the shows I record.

Love Nashville!
And I'm excited Jillian is back this season on Biggest Loser

We were planning on going out for a quick dinner but got a last minute text from another couple to see if we wanted to meet them for dinner at BJ's Brewhouse on Polaris.  It was great to hang out with Keith & Ella because I hadn't seen them since our housewarming party back last June.  Todd & I stopped for frozen yogurt on the way home.

Yesterday was a typical Sunday in the Rodrick household.  I got up to run a few miles while Todd had to log in to work on his laptop for an hour or so.  I spent the afternoon doing laundry, cleaning, and going to the grocery store...nothing too exciting.

I taught my normal Sunday afternoon Spin/TRX class and then came home for pizza and movie night.

TRX at PAI Yoga & Fitness

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Lindsay said...

sounds like the best kind of weekend!