Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Long Weekend in Houston

Last Thursday, my mom & I left Columbus and flew to Houston to visit family that I hadn't seen since our wedding in August 2011.  My grandparents moved to Houston in 1983, the year I was born,  and since my parents were already married & living in Columbus, they didn't follow them to Texas but most of my mom's siblings did move to Houston.  I try to make a trip there every 1-2 years and when I was little, my parents would put my brother & I on a plane and we'd stay with my grandparents (or in my case, I'd spend the night with my cousin a lot) for a couple weeks each summer.  My aunt & uncle are building a new house though and have built a separate smaller building next to their house for my grandma to move in to.  Part of our trip was to visit and see my grandma's house one more time but part of our trip was to help my grandma start cleaning out some stuff since she'll be moving from a 4 bedroom house to a single room house.
At the airport bright & early on Thursday morning for our flight

The forecast in Katy, TX (a suburb east of Houston) was perfect for late Jan/early Feb

One of my favorite things is to buy magazines at the airport to read on the airplane

While cleaning out stuff in my grandma's house, she found this photo of her & my grandpa before they were married in the late 1940s....she even found her very first birthday card from 1929!

My job was to take photos out of all her albums and frames and put them in memory boxes to save space

No trip to Katy is complete without stopping at the local grocery store for fresh tortillas

So excited to run outside in shorts & short sleeves in 60 degree weather
We drove over to see the progress on my aunt & uncle's house....the building on the left is where my grandma where live and there will be a pathway leading to the main house (on the right in the background)

On Saturday evening, we drove to College Station with my aunt & uncle to see Kentucky play Texas A&M....my parents went to UK and most of their siblings did too so everyone is a huge fan of the Cats

Our seats were all the way in the top row but since the arena only holds about 13,000, they really weren't that bad

Tied scored at 62 so the game went into OT but Kentucky ended up winning

 Sun & blue skies the entire trip....definitely didn't seem like winter there!

 My brother also flew in for a couple days from San Francisco so it was good to see him again....my grandma fell while we were there which is why it looks like she has a black eye

Trips to Houston always seem to fly by and this one was no exception.  It was great to see my family and spend some time with my grandma and the nice weather was an added bonus!

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