Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring-Like Weekend

This past weekend was such a tease with the sun out & temperatures that hit 70 degrees.  Too bad it's supposed to be back in the 30s tomorrow with possible snow showers.  Luckily, we didn't have a ton of plans set in stone so we were actually able to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Our weekend in photos...

We went to our church's all-you-can-eat fish fry on Friday night with my parents....you know it's good when the website is bestfishfry.com

After an easy 6 miles on the treadmill Saturday morning, I settled on the couch for a couple hours with a shirley temple in hand to watch Kentucky beat Florida and hopefully clinch a spot in the NCAA tournament

Todd & I bottled his batch of Marzen beer, the first lager he's ever made; the difference between a lager and the other beers he's made is that he had to change the temperature of it while it was fermenting

We went to church (4 for 4 during Lent!) and ran into a couple of our friends (totally random) who happened to be going to dinner at the same place as us so we made it a double date

Slept in a little bit on Sunday because of the time change and was able to finally run in shorts outside...ran 7 miles and felt great

While we washed cars and ran errands, we had some homemade cheese bread baking which we used to make paninis for dinner last night

We spent some more time outside trimming the hydrengea bushes

Our weekend ended with frozen yogurt at Sweet Frog....

and Piada while watching a movie

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