Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Babies & Beer

Another great (and busy) weekend in the books!  After running a few errands after work on Friday afternoon, I came home to find my new Asics Nimbus 15 shoes on the front porch.  There is no better feeling than a new pair of running shoes and I was in desperate need of a new pair since my current pair had 500-600 miles on them.  They were actually the shoes I wore for the Akron Marathon in September but had been waiting for the new 15s to come out before buying a new pair.

Fun, bright summer colors

Another view
Once Todd got home from work, we went over to Polaris because he owed me a piece of cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory.  We had each filled out a bracket for tournament this year and placed a bet.  If he won, I would buy him a 6-pack of any beer and if I won, he had to buy me a piece of cheesecake.  It came down to who won the championship game and I ended up beating him!

I picked the Reese's Peanut Butter Cheesecake

We also picked up dinner at City BBQ and just hung out at home the rest of the evening.

Todd & I slept in on Saturday morning till 8:00 AM and then got in a great 5 mile run.  We then tackled our biggest "baby project" to date as we ventured to Babies 'R Us and Target to start our baby registry.  I, luckily, had come prepared with a huge list of specific items I knew we wanted/needed to register for thanks to asking friends and doing some online research (aka reading blogs and reviews on Amazon).  If we didn't have this list, I'm pretty sure we would either 1.) still be at Babies 'R Us right now trying to sort through everything we need or 2.) Todd & I wouldn't be on speaking terms.  Let me tell you, I thought registering for our wedding was stressful but this is on a whole new level.  At least I knew what the items were and if we would really use them or not when we registered for our wedding.  This time around, I knew we needed some of these things but I couldn't actually tell you what we would need them for or if our baby is actually going to like it.  It's really all hit or miss it seems like.  About 5 hours later, with a quick stop at Chick-fil-A for lunch in-between stores, we were done.  Of course though, we still need to add a bunch of things because we don't find out the gender until Thursday so we need to go back and add swaddle blankets, burp clothes, bibs, hooded bath towels, etc because we want those to be more gender specific.  Since we aren't telling our friends until Memorial Day weekend, this will have to wait until then so our friends don't snoop on our registry and find out before we do our gender reveal.   

After an afternoon of surviving Babies 'R Us, we went over to a friend's house for a spring beer tasting.  Obviously, I was partaking in water and was automatic DD for Todd. It was quite the eclectic mix of beers as there were 3 tastings going on: one for spring beers, one for Trappist beers, and one for the other hodge podge of beers that people brought.  There were around 40 beers total to taste and Todd succeeded in trying each and every one. 

Spring beers

Trappist beers

The hodge podge outside (sorry for the poor quality but this was on my iphone in the dark)

Sunday was a bit more relaxing and less stressful than Saturday as we ran, went to the grocery store, and finished painting the nursery.  We did the first coat last weekend and the second coat on Sunday.  While I was at the fitness studio teaching Spin/TRX, Todd painted the trim on the new closet and put the doors up.  We spent the rest of the evening eating pizza and watching Pitch Perfect, which was pretty entertaining.


Sarah @ Life, Love & Dinner said...

I would never be able to go to a beer tasting while pregnant! Now that the warm weather is here, a spring/summer beer is all I want!

emily said...

i have never been in babies r us and not seen a couple in an argument or just pissed at each other. :) glad you made it out alive and are still married.

BeckyJo606 said...

Registering can be so so stressful! I think you were so smart to have a list ready to go. I had a mental list and knew pretty much what we wanted but it still took us way longer than I would've liked!

The beer party sounds like so much fun!